Gym Etiquette 101

If you spend enough time in a gym, you’re bound to see some crazy things. I know. I’ve worked in gyms for almost a decade. And I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. That being said, there is specific etiquette attached to the world of physical fitness. And, while some will never learn,…

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Why Anti-Dieting Works

I get it.  Diet is a four-letter word.  And, since the first three letters of this word quite literally spell die, It’s no wonder that most people associate the very idea of dieting with something inarguably unpleasant. Still, Americans spend upwards of 60 billion dollars annually on diet books, programs, supplements, pills, potions and procedures,…

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4 Ways to get fit at home. (and cancel your gym membership)

This blog post is dedicated to all of the people out there who keep gym membership cards on their key chain … and haven’t stepped foot inside of a gym since January 2nd. No.  Please don’t go.  Not yet.  I have revelatory news for you. You can cancel your membership.  And you can get in…

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Even though I like to give you free tips you can do on your own.

I’d still love to whip your ass into shape in person.